How does it work

Before thrusting you under such a big spotlight we need to check a few things

Online shortlist

Once the acts have been shortlisted, their information (band photo, bio, MP3/video) will be uploaded to our 1M Europe website. Then they will be selected by 1M Europe jury.
Before we put you in front 100K people just need to check you can do it live, so you will be selected for Live Selections. You choose in which city you want to perform.


1M Europe “Nominees Live Concert”

All the acts selected online will be called for live selections in the cities chosen by them.

In London, there will be minimum 3 concerts, with a maximum of 9 performing acts, with 2 acts from each show going on to perform at the 1M UK Final & Award Ceremony.
In other UK cities, there will be 1 concert, with a maximum of 8 performing acts, with 2 acts from each city, performing at the 1M UK Final Award Ceremony in London.

In the other European cities (non-UK) there will be minimum 1 concert, with a maximum of 10 performing acts, with 1 act from each city, going on to perform at 1M UK Final & Award Ceremony (in London).

All the travel expenses are up to the Organization. 

The final act

1M UK Final Award Ceremony

1M UK Final & Award Ceremony will showcase the selected acts in London: 2 acts from each UK selections and 1 act from each Europan city.

The winner will take center-stage at Italy’s biggest live open-air concert on the 1st May 2018 in Rome.


Live shows

Live audience votes in UK

Each member of the live audience will be issued with a ballot where they can vote for their 1st and 2nd choice act.



At each live show the partners of 1M Europe and Primo Maggio, the press, music partners and special invited guests will make-up the judging panel. Each judge will vote for the act as they perform. Once the acts are decided by the live and jury panel the judges’ votes will determine the act/s that will progress to win the contest. 

Prizes & awards

Minimum 1 act will perform at the televised Primo Maggio Concert in Rome on the 1st May 2018. Flights and accommodations for the acts from London to and from Rome will be paid by 1M Europe. For the other European acts (non-UK) flights and accommodations will be paid by 1M Europe to and from London.


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